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Daniel Y. C. Fung
Kansas State University
Gabriela Riscuta
National Cancer Institute
Francesco Dell'Endice
QualySense AG
Ozlem Tokusoglu
Celal Bayar University

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing & Technology, will be organized around the theme "Accelerating new research and innovations in Food Processing and Technology."

Food Technology-2014 is comprised of 16 tracks and 96 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Agri, Food & Aqua.

Submit your abstract to any of the following tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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Track 1: Frontiers in Food Science
Track 2: Breaking Innovations in Food and Beverage
Track 3: Food Safety, Food Preservation, Quality Standard and Food Systems Management
Track 4: Food Physical Chemistry
Track 5: Food Processing and Packaging Technologies
Track 6: Current and Future Applications of Probiotic Science
Track 7: Nutrition and Nutritional Management
Track 8: Food and Public Health
Track 9: Industrial Application of Food Technology
Track 10: Nutritional Deficiencies and Nutraceuticals
Track 11: Food Regulatory Affairs and Sensory Analysis
Track 12: Instrumentation in Food Technology
Track 13: Current Trends in Food Technology
Track 14: Food Security and Food Policy
Track 15: Agricultural Biotechnology
Track 16: Fermentation Technology, Bioprocess and Cell Culture